Cajun is a regis-
tered  trademark
of Avaya.
Arch Convergence
sells the Cajun
product line
under the Acadia
brand name.

Enterprise Multi-service Routers

Arch Convergence is a networking systems company. We develop, manufacture, sell and support the Acadia™ Range of Enterprise-class Multiservice Routers. These are compatible with the Avaya Cajun™ P580/P882 and ESR-5000/ESR-6000 routers.

New Products
Arch Convergence is the source for new hardware. We continue to develop products for this platform. We are the manufacturer of the complete range of chassis and modules. With extensive inventory, many orders ship within 24 hours. Please contact us for a customized quotation.

We continue to develop and upgrade the software that runs on Cajun™, ESR, and Acadia routers. Version 6.5.7 now available. Contact us to request an upgrade.

Support Services
Arch Convergence is pleased to offer a full and comprehensive support service. We offer yearly-renewable support contracts and can provide on-site spares.

P580 Chassis


P882 Chassis

ATM OC12 LANE Media Module

B10/B100 24-Port Ethernet Media Module